Evaa Hospital provides state-of-the-art care to children with complex clinical conditions. These services are provided by a dedicated team of experienced and trained experts and specialists in several fields of Pediatrics. Many specialists work together for some children to provide comprehensive care under one roof.  


Complete care of kids from infancy to teenage

NICU in jaipur

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit has trained staff, sophisticated equipments like warmers, incubators, pumps, and ventilators, and extensive back up facilities like blood gas, micro lab assays, ultrasound machines, bedside X-ray, bedside 2D-Echo, advanced hematological, serological, biochemical and advanced microbiological testing.

Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

Children presenting with critical illnesses need intensive monitoring, care and treatment, which is provided in PICU. We also have facility of providing post-operative care to children undergoing major surgeries. In Every critically ill child initial time period is very vital, which is very well taken care by our intensivists.
Our PICU has following facilities:

Complete pediatric services

Child Psychology Service

At Evaa Hospital, why deal with child psychology problems like – behaviour problems, habit problems, personality problems, Neurological problems, psychosomatic problems, speech disorders, developmental problems, psychoses, conduct problems.

Well baby Clinic

Periodic assessment of their growth (with the help of growth charts), nutritional status and development is done as Evaa Hospital follow the principle “Prevention is better than cure. We also screen children for early signs of disease (like anemia, heart murmur, etc.)

Immunization & Vaccination

Immunization, being one of the most precious inventions in human life till date, is an important aspect of Pediatrics, for prevention of diseases in your child. In Immunization clinic thorough information is given to parents regarding:

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