We offer a wide range of medical and surgical services including primary gynecology & obstetric care, advanced techniques in diagnosing and treating infertility problems, treating malignancies of the female reproductive system and urogynecology work – all rendered with minimal invasive surgeries. Evaa Hospital is regarded as best hospital for gynecology and maternity care in Jaipur

Maternity services

Complete care for expecting mothers



Normal Pregnancy

Certain tests are done to know if the mother and baby are in a good condition:

High Risk Pregnancy

High risk can be associated with certain conditions which put the life of either the mother or the baby or both at risk.
Few such conditions are diabetes, high blood pressure, growth retardation in baby, heart disease.
In such situations the health of the mother and the baby have to be monitored very closely.


A delivery can be either a normal vaginal delivery or a caesarean section. Caesarean section is done if the condition arises so. For the caesarean section, regional anaesthesia (spinal or epidural) is preferred over the general anaesthesia as it is less risky to the mother and the baby and also the recovery is faster, the patient is wide awake, first to see her baby.

Painless Delivery

Epidural Analgesia is given in the epidural space (space outside the coverings of the spinal cord) periodically so that the patient does not feel the pain as her delivery progresses.

Gynecology services

Complete assessment and treatment of various female problems 

Why Choose Us?

A woman undergoes a lot of physical and mental changes throughout the life. No matter what stage you are in life, we provide care, diagnosis, and education about changes happening to your body. Our gynecology services are aimed at providing routine and specialized care to maintain woman’s health and treating diseases. We treat the full spectrum of gynecology conditions including :

Services provided

we provide complete care to women. we have Best gynecologist in Jaipur

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