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We Specialise in  Fertility Gynecology Pediatrics

Infertility (IVF)

We offer comprehensive range of infertility (IVF) services to complete our patient's dream of having a child.

Obstetrics/ Gynecology

We provide advanced antenatal, birthing, neonatal and gynecology services from a premium, state-of-the-art ambience in Jaipur.

Pediatrics/ Neonatology

Our pediatricians are trained to diagnose and treat a broad range of childhood-related illnesses with utmost care.

• Fully equipped & best IVF Laboratory in Jaipur
• Advanced and fully equipped Labour Room and Operation Theatre
• State of art Neonatal and Pediatric ICU
• 24 hrs delivery facility (Normal, Painless and Cesarean Delivery)
• Vaccination Available
• Antenatal & Delivery Packages
• 24×7 Medical, Laboratory & Pharmacy Available
• Luxurious Suites and Deluxe Rooms Available


We feel lucky that we got into the contact with this hospital & its staff. From almighty's grace & their helpful hand we are blessed with two little prince. The complete team is available round the clock that's the plus point. Their positive attitude & playful nature motivate us.

Chandra Prakash

on epic day of our lives 17/10/2016. We received a great gift from God with help of Dr. Surabhi Tomar and team. Special Thanks for all services provided by hospital throughout the process from conception to sweet fruit. I adore the behaviour, round the clock observation, help and the ambience at Evaa Hospital.

Mrs. Shweta Rathore

We are thankful to Evaa Hospital, its all doctors and staff whose efforts and expertise resulted in baby boy for us. Dr. Surabhi mam is very cordial and expressive like all other doctors who started our treatment some 2 years ago and on 22/1/2018 we got a baby. Dr. Pradeep also played a pivotal role for our baby due to whose efforts are baby is fully fit.

Davendra Kumar

Our Team

Evaa Hospital has decades of experience in providing complete care from early stage of a girl till she turns into a grandmother. We have a valuable experience, support by a team of compassionate and dedicated medical professionals with a speciality in Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART), they are some of best IVF specialists in Jaipur.
At Evaa Hospital, Jaipur we have a team of consultants which gives support & assistance through our OPD & IPD.
The team of IVF Specialist, Gynecologist, embryologists and pediatricians is working consistently striving to give the best to the patient as the patient satisfaction is our top priority.
We would like to highlight the experience and dedication of Dr. Surabhi Tomar towards her patients, by not only counselling but try to understand the problems of the infertile couples. She create confidence in the couples and explain them the reason why they should go for the treatment.

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What is IVF?

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is a series of procedures complex in nature and used to treat fertility, genetic problems and assist with the conception of a child.

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